Indian IVD industry

The Indian IVD industry is a part of the growing Indian Biotech sector that is carving a niche for itself in the International arena.

With the Indian economy blazing away on a high growth path, urbanisation and increase in disposable incomes is influencing the growth of the healthcare sector in India.

Better patient awareness with accent on objective and informed diagnosis is fuelling the growth of the IVD industry. The IVD industry in India is growing rapidly to keep pace with the demands made on it by the healthcare professionals both nationally and internationally.

The IVD market in India is valued at approximately USD 150 million per annum for reagent kits and laboratory equipments and is growing at 20% per annum on a compounded basis.

The Indian IVD manufacturers are playing a leading role in spearheading this growth, and are increasingly using their expertise to also conquer international markets.

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